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  • Consultation and Supervision

    In addition to his extensive clinical practice, Dr. Brian Beaumund extends his expertise through supervisory and consultation services, catering to both pre-licensed and licensed colleagues in the field.  While Dr. Beaumund maintains a generalist approach, his specialized areas of proficiency encompass trauma, High Functioning Autism (HFA) in adulthood, and psychological assessment.  His wealth of experience is not only evident in his clinical work but also in his capacity to mentor and guide others in the field.

    Dr. Beaumund has a rich background in teaching and supervising both master’s and doctorate level trainees, fostering growth and development in aspiring mental health professionals.  His unique blend of academic and practical knowledge is shared not only within the academic setting of the University of Denver but also the professional spaces he has supported as the President of the Colorado Psychological Association

    Characterized by a lively and engaging style, Dr. Beaumund’s supervision and consultation approach is distinctly strength-based, emphasizing the unique skills and talents that each professional brings to their work.  This approach not only cultivates a positive and empowering learning environment but also contributes to the overall enhancement of the supervisee’s growth.

    Colleagues seeking guidance, mentorship, or expert consultation can reach out to Dr. Beaumund directly. His collaborative and supportive style ensures that professionals at various stages of their careers can benefit from his wealth of experience.  For those looking to elevate their clinical skills, gain insights into specialized areas, or simply engage in a dynamic and enriching professional exchange, contact Dr. Beaumund today.